Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am really looking forward to the commercial production class next semster, since it is exactly the type of job i would like to have somday. I think that will be a big highlight of the semster. I am also looking forward finishing my two other comercials and seeign them aired. Finally being able to show all the work I have done will be great. The BC festival is also a major importance for me. It not often the people really get to see what i can do so I really look forward to it.

Overbreak it will be important for me to blog espesiaclly wheni have ideas for commercials. I want to keep my mind atleast partly focused so I can have productive spring semster.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Capstone this semster has been about my final project for the most part. Though there has been some other helpful things, like going to the career center and the other graduation preperations. Overall my senior project has been my focus which is good cause its somthign i definatly want to add to my resume

This spring I hope to well use capstone to help me find a job. That is the overall goal. I would also like to split my project into 2 30 second spots. This will also hlep me in my job search to have two spots on my resume. I really want to do alot more work that will help me find a job.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I sent my seinor project to my cousin Tom who works at Cripin Porter & Bogusky in Miami. He just did some ads for Buger King. He promised ot look at it and get make to me as well as possibly show it to some people he works with. Hes really talented when it comes to advertising so I was alittle scared about what he is going to say about my work. However it wasn't that bad, honest but not scathing or bad. He made a good point about me having 2 different subjects and that maybe I should split it.

In broadcasting this week I started to gather my various airchecks onto one disk soe i can make a resume mp3. I also got back into my news shifts after break. My news has seemed alittle dry as of late and I want to try an remedy that even though it no my area of expertise.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

If I had to suggest a BC elective for an underclssman, I would have to choose annoucing. Annoucing forced me to do thing I would never have done otherwise like, anchor pakages and try 889 on the coutny line. I liked how it forced me out of my shell. I think anyone who seriously wants to persue an on air carreer should take this class. Even thought I do not wnat to be on air it helped me appreicate what the on air talent has to go through.

I home Thanksginving. Right now but i am clad to report i sent out my final project, and i started work and a new permenate countyline opening before I left. This open will be vairous video clips of stories the county line has done.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Visitation day was an interesting experiance. First it made me face the fact that I am just aobut done here which was alittle scary. I enjoyed being able to have a conversation with the groups about the knowlege I have gained here. It also allowed me to choose the part of the braodcasting world that I really enjoy. The groups themsevles seem to have some experiance in the feild. I got one question about Pincale that caught me off guard, because that told me that person was working with the Premiere software alot.

In broadcasting this week I finshed my temp openning for the county line. it turned out really realy well. Also I covered the Grove City school Board Meeting which was an interesting experiance. They open with the bomb threat issue which was really why i was there, to make a long story short they are going to most likely get cameras.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm torn about my final project right now. I need to have it done bye thanksgiving to send so I can send it out on time. Is going pretty welll but my issue is witht the audio, I know I want and need music but I can't deciede wheather I want to have a voice talking as well. Dr. B or Heather would be the options for the voice of course but I don't know if it would be too much or not. I think my best bet is too record a voice and see how it sounds.

Also in broadcasting this I am working on Another temporary open for the county line. I think its going to be all still photos that will be one screen for about 2 seconds. Projects like this is another reason I love Premiere. Premiere Pro is no nice and runs really easy. you could never do this project the odl analog way.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Broadcasting this Week

I just finished a temeporary openning on the the new computer and found out the computer can't export and no one can figure out why. I looked at the settings and they all seemed to be correct so I don't know. There was another bomb threat at Grove City this week. the money that is being spent is really starting to get up there. I found out that they have a handwriting specialist on it and a few leads but no one is really talking. Apparently if they ever do catch someone he or she is going to have to repay the school as well as be crimminally charged. My Producing shift was alittle rough this week. I had mini disc issues. Always always check your minidisks before you go one and make sure the bites are where people say they are.

Project update.
I started an intial timeline on priemire pro this week for my project. I also found some photos that I think will be useful. I did however reaize just how short 30 seconds really is. I plan on getting my filming done as well as most of the editing before thanksgiving.